Forest fires back to Georgia

Forest fires back to Georgia

A fire has broken out in the alpine zone of Kakheti region in eastern Georgia yesterday.

Fire-fighters have been working to extinguish the fire that, according to the local population broke out a couple of days ago.

The fire has spread on grass some 15 kilometers away from the village and the smoke has been seen in the Artvani forest since morning.

According to Georgia’s Interior Ministry’s Emergency Service a helicopter has been monitoring the situation and there is no threat that the fire will further spread.

This has been the second case of fire in the Kakheti region in recent days, reported.

A fire also broke out in the forest of Chailuri in Kakheti region in eastern Georgia yesterday, which has now been extinguished.

Fire-fighters who immediately went to deal with the fire have made sure to prevent the further escalation.


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