Former chief enforcement officer accused of embezzlement; placed on wanted list

Former chief enforcement officer accused of embezzlement; placed on wanted list

Armenia's former Chief Enforcement Officer, former MP from the Republican Party of Armenia Mihran Poghosyan is accused of embezzlement and misappropriation of public funds, the Special Investigation Service said. 

"Poghosyan is charged under paragraph 1, part 3 of article 179 of the Criminal Code of Armenia (misappropriation or embezzlement of a particularly large amount) and under part 2 of article 308 (abuse of power resulting in grave consequences)," the statement reads.

According to the prosecution, Poghosyan, who served as Chief Enforcement Officer since June, 2008, appointed his bodyguard as first-class counselor, and his driver as a leading advisor to the Operative Department of the agency. None performed their duties and none went to work. Instead they executed personal orders of Poghosyan, and both received salaries and other payments, which totaled 44.2 million drams, ARKA reported.

According to the prosecutors, in 2011-2016 on behalf of the Chief Enforcement Service Poghosyan signed contracts with Ketrin Group LLC (it was founded by him and later sold to another company) for the purchase of 32 BAD buses worth 211.2 million drams, of which 20 were purchased at a price exceeding the market one by 20 million drams. 

On April 17, 2014, Poghosyan signed a contract with the Best Realty Company, which he actually managed, for the assessment of movable and immovable property, on the basis of which the company provided services to Chief Enforcement Service worth 43.9 million drams. On April 13, 2019, the Special Investigative Service asked a court to allow the arrest of Poghosyan, and placed him on the list of wanted persons.