French delegation arrives in Crimea

French delegation arrives in Crimea

A delegation of 12 French politicians has arrived in Crimea to attend celebrations marking the fifth anniversary of Crimea’s reunification with Russia, a senior local lawmaker Alexei Chernyak said.

"I have just welcomed a French delegation of 12 people at Simferopol’s airport. It is led by Thierry Mariani. Leonid Slutsky, chair of the [Russian] State Duma's Foreign Affairs Committee arrived with them," he said.

Chernyak views the French politicians’ visit to Crimea as a milestone event. "It is a very significant visit, some sort of recognition. Let it be within people’s diplomacy, but it is the recognition of Crimea," TASS cited Chernyak as saying.

According to him, the French delegation’s visit proves that "Crimea belongs to Russia and no sanctions can frighten [us]. Foreigners understand this and come here," Chernyak stressed. "It is of importance that the people have come who are convinced that the events which took place five years ago were legitimate and these issues are not a matter for discussion."


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