Gazprom cuts OPAL’s gas supplies to Germany

Gazprom cuts OPAL’s gas supplies to Germany

Opal Gastransport Company, the operator of the Opal gas pipeline, has restricted Gazprom’s access to the pipeline’s transit capacity, the Federal Network Agency of Germany reports.

The restriction entered into force on September 14 at 07:00 Moscow time. The measure was imposed in accordance with the decision of the Federal Network Agency of Germany.

The Federal Network Agency explained that Gazprom has alternative transport routes and delivery points for fulfilling its obligations to the EU, RIA Novosti reports.

Recall that earlier the EU court considered the complaint of the Polish authorities and canceled the 2016 decision of the European Commission on expanding Gazprom’s access to OPAL capacities. The court referred to a violation of the principle of energy solidarity.

OPAL is a branch pipe connecting the Nord Stream to the gas transmission system of Central and Western Europe. Gas is supplied to Germany to the border with the Czech Republic.