Georgian PM vows to bring the education reform to the end

Georgian PM vows to bring the education reform to the end

"I promise you that we will bring the education reform to the end," Mamuka Bakhtadze, Prime Minister of Georgia, said, presenting the education system reform at the Ikalto Monastery Complex on Friday, InterPressNews reported.

"Today, our country is facing many challenges - restoration of territorial integrity, poverty reduction, social problems and many others. The most valuable answer to these challenges is educated Georgia. The modernization of the education system, the creation of a strong and thorough education system are a major prerequisite for Georgia to overcome these obstacles. I have declared that the main priority of my life is education, young people and innovations. Accordingly, today is a very important and very emotional day for me. Many of you know well how important it is for me to carry out education reform and I promise that we will bring this reform to the end and will bring the result that Georgia really deserves," said the Prime Minister.


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