Georgian film ’Dede’ to be screened on Air France flights

 Georgian film ’Dede’ to be screened on Air France flights

Millions of passengers flying Air France will soon be offered the opportunity to spend their flights watching Mariam Khatchvani’s award-winning feature film Dede.

The Asia Pacific Screen Awards (APSA) prize-winning work will be screened to customers of the airline in a deal revealed by the film’s creators on Tuesday.

"Screening the film on Air France [flights] means opportunities to present our culture and country to [millions of] people”, their announcement on social media says.

The news from the working group of Dede also said Air France served nearly 100 million customers in 2017, showing the prospects of promoting their feature.

Beside the APSA recognition, Khatchvani claimed the Special Jury Prize for the East of the West competition section at the 2017 Karlovy Vary International Film Festival for Dede. The two prizes have been accompanied by honours from other international festivals and competitions since the film’s debut last year.

In its script, Dina, a young woman falls in love with a fellow villager coming back from conflict, while her grandfather has agreed for her to be married to another soldier returning from the war, reported.