Grigory Leps praises organization of "Zhara" festival in Baku

Grigory Leps praises organization of "Zhara" festival in Baku

Famous Russian singer Grigory Leps praised the level of organization of the "Zhara" international music festival in Baku in an interview with Vestnik Kavkaza.

"It's a number one festival today, no matter what anyone says. If someone doubts it, he can just come here and see it with his own eyes, see how everything is presented, what kind of people work here and how they work, how they greet you, how they see off. I would say that this is a world-class festival, or at least close to it," he said.

Musician also praised Baku itself. "This is a magnificent city, which gave us an excellent reception. Wonderful people live here. They created a brilliant atmosphere and a great cuisine," he noted.

He also stressed that it is best to live following the "laws of life". "Each person has his own ideas about life. My generation has its own moral image, new generation has its own. I don't separate show business and just business. I have several ideals about a person and about an artist - honesty, decency, kindness - and I think they are correct," he said.

"If a person has all of these characteristics, that means he's allright. And I don't care who he is - a businessman, a musician, a janitor, a carpenter or a cook," he concluded.