Had the USA achieved partnership with the EU by blackmailing and threats?

Had the USA achieved partnership with the EU by blackmailing and threats?

The Transatlantic Trade and investment Partnership between the US and the European Union, in fact, lies not on the basis of the mutual interests of both parties, but is a result of hard pressure by Washington on Brussels: various economic threats were implemented in its course. This data has been detected and published by the European media.

The German newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung has received confidential documents on the negotiations from Greenpeace, in which, in particular, it is reported that the US had been ready to drastically reduce imports of European cars if the EU would not have increased the purchase of the US products.

Washington has also been dissatisfied with the behavior of the European Consumer Centre, opposing the appearance of genetically modified food and meat with hormones on the European markets, and demanded severely restrictive bans on such products only in the scientifically proven cases of application of harm to the health of the Europeans.

Thus, the official statements that the United States respects the position of the EU on genetically modified foods and is ready to reckon with it have been compromised. "A careful examination of the documents revealed that almost all the fears linked to the US intentions in the framework of the Transatlantic Partnership in relation to the market of food products were justified,’’ the chairman of the Federation of Consumer Organizations in Germany, Klaus Schulz, said.

Also, it is clear from the documents that the US intends to significantly limit the ability of the European legislators in the adoption of the joint economic decisions within the framework of the Transatlantic Partnership – so Washington intends to solve the problem of disagreements between the parties on the legislative and legal settlement of the disputes.

‘’The fact that the public could have learnt from these secret negotiations before seemed to be a nightmare. Now we know that it may soon become a reality," Greenpeace’s trade expert Jürgen Knirsh warned.