Helena Koenigsmarkova: Old City amazed me

Helena Koenigsmarkova: Old City amazed me

Director of the Decorative Arts Museum in Prague, chairwoman of the International Committee of Decorative Arts and Design (ICDAD), Czech art historian, Helena Koenigsmarkova, shared her impressions of historical center of Baku, where she attended the ICDAD conference, in an interview with Vestnik Kavkaza.

"I'm in Baku for the first time, and my first impressions of the city and Azerbaijan in general are very good. From the very beginning, I saw an excellent airport. This city is incredibly clean, and if we talk about Icheriseher (Old City), it simply amazed me. We also have historical center of the city in Prague, it's also very ancient, but its condition can't be compared to Icheriseher,” she said.

"I hope we will be able to learn more about history of Azerbaijani capital in the coming days. I read in my guidebook about places you can see in Baku, and I was surprised that there are so many historical buildings, memorials and museums here," she noted.

"I think we can strengthen relations between Europe and developing countries that care so much about their traditions, find a new approach to them and intensify our contacts. I think it's very important to meet people, communicate, learn how they live, learn about arts in different countries. That's why we really look forward to this conference in Baku," the ICDAD chairwoman said.

Baku hosts conferences of two committees of the International Council of Museums (ICOM) - the International Committee of Decorative Art and Design (ICDAD) and the International Committee for Historic House Museums (DEMHIST).


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