Ihor Olefirenko: “I came to Baku Marathon 2018 to win”

Ihor Olefirenko: “I came to Baku Marathon 2018 to win”

Winner of Baku Marathon 2018 Ihor Olefirenko (born 1990) from Ukraine shared his impressions about the competition.

Olefirenko reached the finish line in one hour and six minutes, thereby setting record in Baku Marathon.

“I didn’t face any difficulties in the competition. I came here to win and struggled only with the wind,” Trend quted the winner as saying.

“I am in Baku for the first time. I liked to be here. I didn’t expect to see such a beauty. You have very friendly people and delicious cuisine. I am having a great time here.”

He expressed hope to come to Azerbaijan next year to take part in Baku Marathon.

“I am a triple champion of Ukraine in the marathon. I have participated in the Summer Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro in 2016 and ranked 13th. I came in 18th in the London Marathon. I have been professionally engaged in marathon for many years. It's a new country, a new part of the continent for me. I hope to come here again next year,” he added.