Israel says won't accept Syrian refugees

Israel says won't accept Syrian refugees

Syrians displaced by a government offensive in the country's south will not be allowed to cross into Israeli-held territory, the Israeli military said.

"I think we must prevent the entry of refugees from Syria to Israel, in the past we have prevented such cases," Israel's energy minister Yuval Steinitz told Tel Aviv Radio in an interview.

The Israeli military said it delivered 300 tents and 58 tonnes of food and clothing supplies on Thursday night "as a goodwill gesture, while maintaining a policy of non-intervention in the Syrian conflict".

"The [Israeli army] cannot permit Syrians fleeing hostilities to enter Israel and will continue maintaining Israel's security interest," Middle East Eye cited the statement as saying. 

The military also said the aid supply was part of its Good Neighbour policy, which has also involved treating wounded Syrians in field hospitals in the Golan Heights. 

More than 120,000 Syrians have gathered near the border with Jordan and the Israeli-occupied area of the Golan Heights since the Syrian army began its push to retake rebel-held territory.