Jafar Jafarov: There's a huge demand for Russian-speaking teachers in Azerbaijan

Jafar Jafarov: There's a huge demand for Russian-speaking teachers in Azerbaijan

Today in Azerbaijan, there's a huge demand for teachers teaching in Russian, as many parents think it's better when schools also teach in this language, rector of the Azerbaijan State Pedagogical University, Jafar Jafarov, said in an interview with Vestnik Kavkaza. (Part 1)

"Slavic University was created in order to meet the demand for teachers of Russian language and literature in Azerbaijan. Our university has a small group and Russian sectors in different programs - teachers of physics, chemistry and so on - but most of those teachers come from the Slavic University. The demand for them is not just great, there's a really huge demand," he said.

One of the problems is that the idea of being a teacher in the Russian sector is unpopular among young people. "We plan to have certain rules of enrollment in the Russian sector, but the paradox is that, considering high demand, when it comes to these specialities, students are not so active, in other words, they don't respond to this demand, at least we observed this during the current academic year," he noted.

In order to fix this situation, university carries out necessary marketing work, holds open lessons, open days and other mass events to attract students. This is also necessary in order to restore former prestige of the university and profession of the teacher.

"All of this is held openly. We can see that among teachers who work here or those visiting us there are very interesting and great teachers. In other words, right now we try to raise the level of pedagogical skill in the country," he concluded..


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