Kazakhstan bans import of Russian poultry

Kazakhstan bans import of Russian poultry

Kazakhstan has banned the imports of poultry products from three regions of Russia over avian influenza, according to the website of the Kazakh Ministry of Agriculture.

This decision was made in connection with the outbreak of highly pathogenic avian influenza in Kursk, Penza and Samara regions of Russia, registered by the International Epizootic Bureau.

From June 21, 2018, prohibits the importation of live poultry and hatching eggs, fluff and feather, poultry meat and all kinds of poultry products into the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan is prohibited.

In addition, it is prohibited to import from the above-mentioned regions the feed and feed additives for birds that have not undergone heat treatment, hunting trophies that have not been processed, as well as used equipment for maintenance, slaughter and cutting of poultry.