Khaled El Sergany: organizers of Islamic Solidarity Games in Baku have done great job

Khaled El Sergany: organizers of Islamic Solidarity Games in Baku have done great job

The organizers of the 4th Islamic Solidarity Games have done a terrific job in Baku, the chief referee of the tennis tournament, Khaled El Sergany, told the correspondent of Vestnik Kavkaza

"From the technical point of view, the organizers have done a terrific job. The organization is just amazing, perfect.  They did everything possible to ensure that all athletes and all those who are accredited at the games had the conditions. The village of athletes is wonderful, we had everything we could imagine there: excellent sports facilities, a very good sports complex. The facilities are perfect for holding such competitions as the Islamic Solidarity Games. I believe that thanks to such competitions, more countries will participate in them. It's a wonderful event," he shared his impressions.

He explained that thus Baku has created excellent conditions for the development of tennis in general. "International tennis competitions have been already held here. I like the conditions for the press, for coverage of the competitions very much. It is great that you had already held such large-scale sports competitions before, it had a good effect onthe organization of the Islamic Solidarity Games," El Sergany noted.

The referee added that "the Olympic Games are competitions of a much larger scale, attended by a large number of countries." "Islamic Solidarity Games are held only for Islamic countries, and not every country participates in all competitions. Azerbaijan is the host country, therefore they participate in all competitions here, but Turkey, Egypt, Qatar skip part of the competition," El Sergany noted.

He cited the example of the Turkish national team: very strong athletes arrived in Baku, but the national team's composition was incomplete. "We could do even better, then these competitions would be more competitive," the referee pointed out.

El Sergany added that the medals of Turkish tennis players did not come as a surprise. "Because I knew these athletes. Of course, they could win at least one more medal, but still we have a strong team," he concluded.

The 4th Islamic Solidarity Games are held in Baku from May 8 to 22. Athletes will compete at 16 sports facilities in 20 types of sports - 17 Olympic and three non-Olympic ones.