Kremlin aide reveals format of Putin-Trump summit

Kremlin aide reveals format of Putin-Trump summit

The Russian-US summit begins at 13:00 hours East European Summer Time [13:00 hours Moscow Standard Time, 10:00 hours GMT] on Monday, July 16, in Helsinki and it will be held in the Presidential Palace - Presidentinlinna, President Vladimir Putin’s aide Yuri Ushakov told reporters, TASS reports.

"July 16, Helsinki, and the venue is the Presidential Palace," he said. "The itinerary says the summit starts at 13:00 hours."

Ushakov recalled that Trump would arrive in Helsinki on the eve the meeting and Putin, right on Monday.

"We don’t actually know how much time the discussion between the two Presidents will take up," he said. "We don’t have any restrictions on our part."

"It will kick off with a tete-a-tete conversation where only the interpreters will be present," Ushakov said. "After that, the Russian-US negotiations proper will begin and most probably they will have the format of a working breakfast, with some members of the delegations attending."

"After the negotiations, the Presidents are supposed to hold a news conference where each of them will make an address to the audience and will answer four questions - two questions from each side," he said, making a note that this is a standard format for news conferences of this kind.