Lavrov warns against attempts to contain Iran

Lavrov warns against attempts to contain Iran

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov on Friday warned against attempts to contain Iran. 

There are attempts to weaken Iran's position in order to stabilize Yemen, Syria and Iraq. But that would be unrealistic, said Lavrov, Global Times reported.

"Not a single country with such history, population and civilizational values as Iran can be locked in a cage within its borders," he told a news conference at UN Headquarters in New York. 

The only way out is through negotiations so that long-standing differences can be ironed out, said Lavrov, who is in New York for this year's high-level week of the UN General Assembly. 

Asked to comment on a possible barter system that will circumvent US sanctions to allow Iran to sell oil, Lavrov said "all avenues, all ways are being discussed for Iran to receive what was promised by the (UN) Security Council."