Macron: Brexit proves EU needs 'profound' reform

Macron: Brexit proves EU needs 'profound' reform

The UK intention to withdraw from the European Union has brought into focus the need of a "profound" reform of the bloc, French President Emmanuel Macron told reporters on Sunday, Sputnik reports.

Macron said ahead of the EU leaders' summit that its participants had to discuss the future relations between the United Kingdom and the European Union, stressing that London would continue playing an "important role" even after Brexit, and that its role could also evolve.

"This summit is an important stage, and we should all draw conclusions from it. This proves that the European Union is fragile to some extent, and that there is always obviously a room for improvement. It finally shows that Europe need reforms, this is obvious, and I support it, we continue working on it. I believe this is what the upcoming debates ahead of the European elections [to the European Parliament, scheduled for May 2019] should focus on," Macron said.

He specified that "profound reforms" should be introduced to the European Union for the benefit of its citizens.

Macron also voiced his support to the Brexit withdrawal agreement, qualifying it as a "good" one.


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