Macron urges to re-design European strategy

Macron urges to re-design European strategy

French President Emmanuel Macron said that globalization is facing a "major crisis" and that collective action is needed to confront the challenge.

He said that this challenge needs to be collectively fought by states and civil society in order to find and implement global solutions.

"If we want to avoid this fragmentation of the world, we need a stronger Europe ... And my view is that we have to re-design a 10-year strategy to make Europe a natural economic, social, green, scientific and political power," he said at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

"The core strategy for me in the coming years and especially for this year is to manage to deliver a new foundation for our Europe," CNBC cited the President as saying.

Macron warned that issues surrounding energy, migration, digital and investments need to be improved, but added that Europe had values it could offer to the world.