Maria Zakharova to Vestnik Kavkaza: development of Russian-Azerbaijani relations enjoy huge prospects

Maria Zakharova to Vestnik Kavkaza: development of Russian-Azerbaijani relations enjoy huge prospects

Russian-Azerbaijani relations enjoy huge prospects, the Russian Foreign Ministry's spokesperson Maria Zakharova said, answering a question from the corespondent of Vestnik Kavkaza about the strategic partnership of the two countries.

"Russian-Azerbaijani relations are developing steadily and dynamically. We share common history, modernity and, of course, the future," she noted in the first place.

"The development of these relations is forward-looking and has a huge prospect," Zakharova said.

She also commented on Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister Abbas Araghchi's statement on the possibility of Iran's exit from the nuclear deal, noting that it would be an undesired outcome after the diplomatic work carried out in 2013-2015. "I remember very well how they could not start a dialogue, the six mediators tried, but there were constant aggravations. Nevertheless, one way or another, a real negotiation process has been started, a huge effort was made by the European Union in a few years. By the way, it's an example of this structure's effectiveness, the United States has shown a very large-scale approach to resolving the issue, and our position, as well as other participants' position, is very well known. Therefore, the collapse of the agreement is an extremely undesirable option," the spokeswomen at the Russian Foreign Ministry said.

"Unfortunately, there was an unilateral, illegitimate withdrawal from the deal by the U.S. And it was adopted by the UN Security Council, it has an officially approved exit procedure, which was not respected. European partners, in turn, showed an inability to guarantee the conditions proposed to Iran. Alas, we are now seeing where such a kind of somewhere irresponsible and somewhere without real results policy leads to, and this cannot but worry. I’m not sure that now someone will be able to repeat this whole path, which took about 4 years of talks. And how to address the issue of trust? After all, if the result achieved through negotiations is destroyed once, who will agree to play by the same rules once again, if they are not respected?" Maria Zakharova noted.