Marine Le Pen plans to visit Crimea in April

Marine Le Pen plans to visit Crimea in April

Leader of France’s far-right party 'National Rally' Marine Le Pen plans to attend the Yalta International Economic Forum due to be held in April 2019, Co-Chairman of the YIEF Organizing Committee Andrei Nazarov said after meeting her in Paris.

"We received confirmation that Marine Le Pen is planning to take part in the April 19 plenary meeting in Yalta," Nazarov said.

He added that Louis Aliot, Vice President of the National Rally, will also attend the forum, which "will enable us to discuss many issues here in Crimea."

The official noted that the discussion will focus on economy and politics, and the issue of "the Russian Crimea."

"The fact that the National Rally recognizes Crimea as part of Russia is very important as the current double standard policy in the world misleads many people," TASS cited Nazarov as saying.

The organizers expect that some 50 French politicians and entrepreneurs will take part in the forum.

The Fifth Yalta International Economic Forum will be held in Crimea on April 17-21, 2019. The French delegation is expected to become the forum’s honorary guest.