Mark Ifraimov: Israel has been looking forward to President Putin's visit

Mark Ifraimov: Israel has been looking forward to President Putin's visit

The participation of Russian President Vladimir Putin in the World Holocaust Forum in Jerusalem demonstrates how important it is for Moscow to preserve the memory of World War II, as well as that Russian-Israeli relations are at a high level, the member of the twenty-second Knesset, a member of the Yisrael Beiteinu party Mark Ifraimov told Vestik Kavkaza.

First of all, he emphasized that now it is vital to preserve the memory of the Holocaust, when most of the survivors in this universal catastrophe have already passed away. "If we do not remember the Holocaust, just as if we do not celebrate Victory Day on May 9, the day will soon come when this tragedy may repeat," Mark Ifraimov said.

In this regard, the Knesset member welcomed Vladimir Putin's participation in the World Holocaust Forum. "Israel really looked forward to President Putin's visit. The visit of the President of Russia as a tribute to the deseased is very important and significant for our country, it indicates that the Holocaust memory has not yet faded in the world," he said.

Mark Ifraimov added that 46 distinguished guests arrived in Israel, which indicates how important the topic of the Holocaust is.

The politician said that the Leningrad Siege heroes monument is unveiled today in central Jerusalem, adding that the monument was personally opened by Vladimir Putin and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

"Famous people, philanthropists living in Russia and Israel, including Viktor Vekselberg, Berl Lazar and Yuri Kanner, allocated money to build this monument. Such events allow us to strengthen ties between our states, which is beneficial of all our citizens, because communication with the homeland is very important," Mark Ifraimov concluded.


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