Medvedev: Sochi's Olympic facilities used successfully

Medvedev: Sochi's Olympic facilities used successfully

Plans for the use of Sochi's Olympic facilities are being successfully implemented, Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said at a meeting on the use of Olympic facilities in Sochi.

According to the head of Russian government, it was planned during preparation for the 2014 Winter Games that modern infrastructure built in Sochi will work after the Olympics and help to develop the region and will transform the city into an international year-round world-class resort.

"All these plans are already implemented. All sport Olympic venues of mountain and coastal clusters are used almost all year round," he stressed.

In particular, he noted that different teams train in Sochi, major sporting events, festivals, concerts, forums and conferences are held in the city.

He also said that hotel business in Sochi is also pretty good. According to him, hotels are 98-100% full.

In turn, head of the Culture Ministry Vladimir Medinsky said that tourists mostly complain about the lack of a unified ski pass and about transport.

"We analyzed different sources of information, even social networks. Indeed, during peak days of winter transport can't cope with the flow of those wanting to get to the resort from lower, more cheap hotels," he noted.