Mehriban Aliyeva meets with young inventors

Mehriban Aliyeva meets with young inventors

Azerbaijan's first vice president Mehriban Aliyeva has met with young Azerbaijani inventors Reyhan Jamalova and Zahra Gasimzade, who founded the world-famous startup Rainergy.

At the meeting, the 15-year-old inventors gave detailed information about their project and future plans. They explained that Rainergy collects rainwater and generates energy from it. The device of the young inventors can open up wide opportunities for further development of the alternative energy sources in the future.

The first vice president said that such talented youth of Azerbaijan encourage and delight her.

Noting her proud that such a young generation is growing up in the country, Mehriban Aliyeva said the state will provide necessary support for their project, and, in general, always pay attention to young talents and small startups.

Rainergy, invented by Reyhan and Zahra, the 9th grade students of the experimental pilot classes of the Istek Lyceum, attracted a great interest at the Global Entrepreneurship Summit in 2017 and was especially noted by US President's Adviser Ivanka Trump.