Merkel: Europe to give determined response to U.S. tariffs

Merkel: Europe to give determined response to U.S. tariffs

The European Union would give a “smart, determined and jointly agreed” response if the United States decides to impose tariffs on European steel and aluminum imports, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said during a news conference in Lisbon.

“We don’t know the decision yet but if tariffs were to be imposed, then we have a clear stance within the European Union,” Reuters cited Merkel as saying.

“We are convinced that these tariffs are not in line with WTO rules,” she said, pointing to a joint decision by European Union leaders to demand a permanent exemption from the U.S. tariffs and offer broader trade talks on a certain basis.

In late March, the United States imposed 25% and 10% tariffs on imported steel and aluminum, respectively. But later Trump has postponed the imposition of steel and aluminium tariffs on Canada, the European Union and Mexico until June 1, and has reached agreements for permanent exemptions for Argentina, Australia and Brazil.


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