Merkel felt compelled to run again to counter Trump

Merkel felt compelled to run again to counter Trump

German Chancellor Angela Merkel reportedly told former US President Barack Obama after the 2016 presidential election that she felt obligated to run for a fourth term in office to counter then-President-elect Donald Trump.

That interaction between Obama and Merkel is recounted in a forthcoming book – "The World as It Is" – by former deputy national security adviser Ben Rhodes. The New York Times reported on excerpts from the book. 

Merkel had a single tear in her eye as she bid farewell to Obama for the final time, Rhodes recounted. 

In the book, Rhodes also describes Obama's interactions with other world leaders after Trump's 2016 presidential victory. Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe apologized for meeting with Trump after the election, and Obama implored Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to be a vocal defender of liberal values, the book says, according to the Times.