Military-Georgian road opens for all types of transport

Military-Georgian road opens for all types of transport

Today, Georgian authorities decided to open the Military-Georgian road that connects Russia with the countries of the South Caucasus for all types of transport after bad weather is over, the North Ossetia EMERCOM reported.

"In connection with the normalization of the situation, the movement on the Military-Georgian road was resumed for all types of vehicles," RIA Novosti reported.

Heavyweighters accumulated at the Upper Lars checkpoint began to leave it. At the same time, the department has warned that the weather could deteriorate on the territory of Georgia in the next few days and the traffic on the highway could be terminated.

Georgian authorities restricted the movement of vehicles on the Georgian Military Road on January 1 because of bad weather in Georgia. On January 2, 90 cars and more than 85 people, including 56 heavy vehicles, accumulated there.

Yesterday,  when the road was opened for traffic in a restricted mode, 124 units of equipment were waiting for passage, including 65 heavy vehicles. In total, there were 189 people in the queue. And before the New Year, when the Georgian Military Road was closed due to the threat of avalanches, more than 700 cars including 9 buses accumulated on the highway.


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