Milos Zeman: strike on Syria demonstrates West’s silliness

Milos Zeman: strike on Syria demonstrates West’s silliness

The missile strike on Syria delivered by the United States, France and the United Kingdom has only demonstrated the West’s silliness, Czech President Milos Zeman said.

"It was a stupid thing. This is the mildest word I can say about that," he said in an interview with the Frekvince radio station.

"The West has ruined the Middle East in an unimaginable way. Take Iraq, when it was alleged that it had weapons of mass destruction. These allegations proved to be false. We learnt no lesson from that operation that claimed numerous lives, including of American soldiers. After that, we made another silly thing called Libya: ‘thanks’ to that intervention, that country has no government now and the Libyan territory is used as a transit route for illegal refuges to Europe," Zeman said.

According to the Czech leader, Saturday’s strike on Syria by the US, Great Britain and France has dramatically destabilized the situation in that country that had begun to show signs of improvement. "I would like to draw attention that refugees begin to return to Syria. It is a positive news. But the cowboy project impedes this return," he stressed.

Zeman stressed that the strike had been delivered in violation of the recognized international norms. "My opinion is as this: a military attack on any country can only be conducted by a relevant mandate of the United Nations Security Council. The only exclusion can be a strike on Islamists, like it was in Afghanistan. This is not the case with Syria," the president added.


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