Moscow celebrates Tbilisoba in Hermitage Garden

Moscow celebrates Tbilisoba in Hermitage Garden

A traditional festival of the Georgian culture and cuisine ‘Tbilisoba’, the autumn harvest festival was celebrated today in Moscow’s Hermitage Garden.

The guests of the festival were able to get acquainted with the Georgian culture, writing, and ethnography of the country, about which an Associate Professor of the Institute of Asia and Africa of the MV Lomonosov Moscow State University, Leah Basheleishvili, spoke; watch the folk dances and tried to dance themselves.

A culinary program of the festival included the workshops on manufacturing churchkhelas and pelamushi, khinkali and chakhokhbili. The Guests of ‘Tbilisoba’ got an opportunity to participate in a preparation of the home-made wine and then taste it.

At the fair, everyone could taste and buy the environmentally friendly Georgian compotes, jams, soft drinks and beer.

The guests of the event watched the Georgian movie ‘Tree of Wishes’ (directed by Tengiz Abduladze) and ‘Taly and Tolia’ (directed by Alexander Amirov). The interactive theater of shadows showed children a performance based on the Georgian Legend ‘The man who invented snow’.

All those who wished participated in the sports competitions, the winners of which were awarded with prizes. A concert was held in the evening, The Village reports.

‘Tbilisoba’ is celebrated annually in Moscow since 2010.





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