Moscow dissatisfied with Boris Johnson’s remarks on Syria

 Moscow dissatisfied with Boris Johnson’s remarks on Syria

Russia is dissatisfied with the remarks that UK Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson was making on the responsibility that Russia was allegedly bearing in connection with developments in Syria, the Russian Ambassador in London, Alexander Yakovenko, said after a meeting with the Minister of State for Europe and the Americas, Sir Alan Duncan.

"The main focus was given to Syria and the steps to be taken in line with the UN Security Council’s Resolution 2401. We told the British side outright that we were totally dissatisfied with the statements Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson had made, claiming that Russia and some other countries bore the full brunt of responsibility for the humanitarian situation [in Syria]," Yakovenko said.

"We had a serious enough discussion of the situation in the field," TASS cited the ambassador as saying.

Yakovenko stressed that responsibility for non-fulfillment of the UN Security Council resolution lay on the militant formations, which were not prepared for ceasefire in Eastern Ghouta and kept peaceful civilians hostage, denying them an opportunity to get evacuated and shelling Damascus.


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