Naira Zohrabyan: Armenia was on the verge of civil war

Naira Zohrabyan: Armenia was on the verge of civil war

One of the most important results of dialogue between people and authorities of Armenia this week was that the country that was on the verge of civil war managed to prevent bloodshed, deputy of the Tsarukyan bloc, member of the Prosperous Armenia party Naira Zohrabyan said today in an interview with Vestnik Kavkaza.

"First of all, we managed to avoid civil war and bloodshed, and this is very important, because we're already at war with Azerbaijan and it would be absolutely unacceptable to fight among ourselves," she said.

Naira Zohrabyan also explained the decision of her party to join protest movement, headed by deputy from the smallest faction in the parliament - the Yelk bloc - Nikol Pashinyan. "Prosperous Armenia has always been with the people. Voice of the people is the very important for us, so we couldn't just stand aside," she said.

"When our parliamentary colleagues were detained, political council of the Prosperous Armenia issued a statement demanding to immediately release them. We appealed to authorities to not use force against peaceful protesters. It's great that we managed to avoid bloodshed," she noted.

As for the candidacy of a new prime minister, it hasn't been determined yet. "As the second largest faction, we must discuss appointment of a new prime minister with all political forces of the country. Right now there are no specifics, but everything will be clear soon," she stressed.