Natalya Lebedeva: AGF creates great conditions for gymnasts

Natalya Lebedeva: AGF creates great conditions for gymnasts

The Azerbaijan Gymnastics Federation created great conditions for gymnasts who participate in tournaments, Natalya Lebedeva, coach of the women's Belarusian team, said today at the sidelines of the European Championships in Trampoline, Double Mini-Trampoline and Tumbling in an interview with Vestnik Kavkaza.

"Each time we come to Azerbaijan we feel support of Azerbaijani people, our friends. We really like this arena, this atmosphere. We always feel very comfortable in Baku, and I say this because I can compare it to other places. I've been at many arenas. The conditions here are simply perfect for gymnasts," she said.

"Last time I was here in 2016, and since then organization has only improved. We will hold the 2nd European Games in 2019, and we have a lot to learn from Azerbaijan. It like how much work everyone is doing - not only judges and coaches, but also security and others, it's great,"she added.

"Every time the AGF manages to come up with something new for the opening ceremony. National music played last time, now there's modern musical accompaniment. Everything was done extremely well," she concluded.

The 26th European Championships in Trampoline, Tumbling and Double Mini-Trampoline is currently held in Baku. More than 400 gymnasts from 25 countries are expected to participate in it. In the first two days of the competitions, qualifications for all types of events both among junior and senior gymnasts as well as finals among teams were held, on the last day, medalists will be known in all four types of the gymnastics events.


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