National debt clock relaunched in New York

National debt clock relaunched in New York

he Durst Organization has returned the 20-foot wide billboard displaying the US national debt to Manhattan after almost six months of rehab, aimed at replacing the digital display, wiring and to refresh the facade, Sputnik reported citing The Wall Street Journal.

According to the information on the screen, the United States owes its creditors $20,546,926,554,467.78, while each family's share comprises $172,560.

As the Durst Organization's chairman Douglas Durst has explained the meaning of the clock, saying that it "reminds people that this has been a problem for a while."

"It is a silent vigil that reminds people that the government needs to live within its means," he said. The idea to create such a reminder first came to Durst's father, Seymour Durst, who has launched the counter in 1989. Before that, he was sending holiday cards to senators with the number of their shares in the national debt.

The company does not expect the situation to improve under the administration of President Donald Trump, who once called himself "the king of debt." Though, Mr. Durst believes that the project will outlive him.