Netanyahu to discuss Iranian threat with May and Trump

Netanyahu to discuss Iranian threat with May and Trump

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will discuss the Iran nuclear deal with Britain's Prime Minister Theresa May and the US President Donald Trump during his visits to London and Washington.

Speaking at a West Bank settlement on Thursday, Netanyahu said he would raise the issue of Iran with May.

"I am going to speak with her about the changing reality in our region and the need to adopt new, different and common approaches towards the huge threats in our region, primarily the threat from Iran," Reuters cited Netanyahu as saying.

Netanyahu is preparing to fly to London on Sunday, according to Israeli media, and is expected to meet with Ms May on February 6. He is due to visit Washington on February 15.

Prime Minister said that while he is always careful not to overuse the word “historic,” his meeting with Trump has “a great deal of importance” for Israel and the Jewish people.

Netanyahu mentioned the National Security Adviser Michael Flynn’s comments that the US was putting Iran “on notice” and that its provocations, like Sunday’s test of a ballistic missile, would not be ignored. 

Netanyahu said that Flynn’s comments were similar to what he heard from Trump in their telephone conversation two weeks ago, and during their meeting in New York in September, The Jerusalem Post reports.


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