New branch of law is being established in Russia

New branch of law is being established in Russia

A draft Executive Code is being prepared in Russia, which should systematize the field of mandatory enforcement of law, Dmitry Aristov, head of the Federal Bailiff Service of Russia, said.

“Further development of the legislation of on mandatory enforcement of law will begin with adoption of special codified act - the Executive Code of the Russian Federation. This will allow us to systematize all rules affecting mandatory enforcement,” Aristov said at an international conference on mandatory enforcement issues.

This means that a new branch of law will be created in Russia - executive law with its own principles, methods, and regulatory acts that will cover procedural and substantive issues in this field.

Executive code implies creation of electronic super-service called Digital Enforcement Proceedings, which will seriously change the work of court bailiffs, Russian chief bailiff said.

Superservice envisages phased implementation of innovations in the field of executive documents - scope and methods of informing process will be expanded.

One of the key parts in establishment of superservice will be introduction of registry model of enforcement. Register will exist both in paper and electronic forms.

Introduction of register is planned for 2021.


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