New football rules to apply from late June in UEFA competitions

New football rules to apply from late June in UEFA competitions

Football law changes will be applied to the UEFA Champions League in a month, according to the Union of European Football Associations website.

Changes to the Laws of the Game, which enter into force on 1 June, will not apply in UEFA's competitions until 25 June, in accordance with the flexibility granted by The International Football Association Board (IFAB).

"The various law changes, approved in March by football's lawmakers, The International Football Association Board (IFAB), will be applied in all UEFA competitions which start on or after 25 June, in line with The IFAB's dispensation," the statement reads.

It was noted that this aims to provide enough time for UEFA's 55 member associations to ensure that all of their clubs and players are fully prepared for the changes.

According to the new rules, attacking players will have to be positioned at least a metre away from the defensive wall during free-kicks; goal kicks or free kicks inside the box will no longer have to leave the penalty area although opposition players will not be allowed in the area until the ball is played; drop balls can now be directly given to the goalkeeper of the side who last touched the ball; players will be punished if they use their hands or arms to score or create chances even if it is accidental; during penalties, goalkeepers will not be allowed to touch the post, bar or net before the kick, he will also need to have only one foot on the line during such a situation.