Nicolas Buompane: Azerbaijan Gymnastics Federation's work is future of gymnastics

 Nicolas Buompane: Azerbaijan Gymnastics Federation's work is future of gymnastics

Baku will host the Congress of the International Gymnastics Federation in the near future, due to which the FIG Deputy Secretary General Nicolas Buompane arrived in Baku, referring his visit to the Artistic Gymnastics World Cup, the correspondent of Vestnik Kavkaza reports.

According to Buompane, in the first place, he is tasked to check the compliance of the hotels and transport for the future participants of the Congress with the FIG standards. "We have a contract with Baku, and now we will check whether all of its points were observed," he said.

According to him, the congress will devote its meeting in Baku to the discussion of the future of the FIG and all kinds of gymnastics. "In October last year, Morinari Watanabe was elected the new FIG president , he has new views on the development of gymnastics and a lot of ideas, so we will discuss our future actions," the FIG Deputy Secretary General said.

Nicolas Buompane highly appreciated the organization of gymnastic competitions by the Azerbaijan Gymnastics Federation. "In general, there is a very good level of competitions here. Starting from the very first day participants and viewers told me that most of those present at the World Cup like the lighting innovations. "In my opinion, it is a very good idea, I think such innovations are the future of gymnastics," he stressed.

FIG Deputy Secretary General paid attention to the fact that the international federation closely follows the work of the AGF. "We see how much the AGF does, which compel our admiration. The AGF Secretary-General, my friend Farid Gaibov is an expert in his sphere, every time he proves it by the level of competitions in Baku," Nicolas Buompane said.

Answering the question of the correspondent of Vestnik Kavkaza about Baku's potential for holding other competitions, he stressed that the AGF is currently capable of organizing any gymnastics tournament. "Everything is possible here, holding of any competitions. And the work of the AGF is evident, especially considering the fact that in 2019, the World Rhythmic Gymnastics Championships will be held in Baku. Gymnastics needs to be updated, it should be more presentable and dynamic, it must be interesting to watch, and this is exactly what the AGF is doing right now. Every time I see the Azerbaijan Gymnastics Federation's work, I say that it is the future of gymnastics," the sports functionary said.

"There are 145 federations of gymnastics in the world. There are weak, medium, active, progressive ones. Of course, we the Azerbaijan Gymnastics Federation's role in these federations - which is evident both through the competitions held in Baku and the built infrastructure. It is impossible not to notice it," the FIG Deputy Secretary General concluded.


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