Oreshkin: sanctions open up opportunities for European partners

 Oreshkin: sanctions open up opportunities for European partners

New US sanctions open up opportunities for European companies to develop cooperation with Russia, Russian Economic Development Minister Maxim Oreshkin said after a meeting with French businesses.

"The reaction on the part of European partners and European companies is more positive, therefore, the situation affects very little the relations between Russia and Europe. It can even be said that it provides new opportunities for European partners, they understand this and going to actively develop their business in Russia," Oreshkin said.

Anti-Moscow sanctions imposed have motivated the development of the Russian economy, but may also dampen future endeavors with international partners, he said.

"Indeed, when sanctions were imposed, they had an impact on the balance of payments and the dynamics of the Russian economy. But in many ways, they became a motivating factor for Russian companies, government and citizens, pushing them to be more active in developing the state's economy. From this point of view, there is a kind of positive effect," Sputnik cited Oreshkin as saying.

However, he noted that if restrictions are not lifted, they will hamper Russia's ability to develop projects with its partners in the future.

"Russia is part of the global world, and we need to develop joint projects with our partners, but sanctions being introduced by the partners prevent us from doing this," Oreshkin stressed.


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