Pashinyan about fate of oligarchs in new Armenia

Pashinyan about fate of oligarchs in new Armenia

There will not be oligarchs in the Armenian government, National Assembly opposition Yelk Faction head, PM candidate Nikol Pashinyan promised at the parliamentary briefings.

Pashinyan noted that if elected PM, he will submit a government program. He also expressed confidence that the RPA will approve the government’s program as well.

"We have already resolved the strategic issues. But the long-term vision remains. I can assure that there will not be oligarchs in the government," cited Pashinyan as saying. 

In addition, the PM candidate said that he will reflect on setting a level playing field for everyone.

“The rules of the game should be clear to everyone. I want to stress that we are not preparing for vendettas. The chapter of political and economic persecutions has been closed in the Republic of Armenia. We have a task of creating a climate of solidarity," he said.

"All those problems will be resolved; [but] it will not be one at the expense of another. I believe we all became convinced during this time that those problems are solvable," the Yelk faction head concluded.


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