Pence: US will ‘never’ allow Iran to threaten Israel

Pence: US will ‘never’ allow Iran to threaten Israel

US Vice President Mike Pence said that Washington was committed to ensuring Iran could never threaten Israel with nuclear weapons, The Times of Israel reported.

Speaking at the Munich Security Conference, Pence called Tehran “the leading state sponsor of terrorism” and said it continued to destabilize the Middle East.

“Thanks to the end of nuclear-related sanctions under the [nuclear deal] Iran now has additional resources to devote to these efforts,” he said. “Let me be clear again: Under President Trump the United States will remain fully committed to ensuring that Iran never obtains a nuclear weapon capable of threatening our countries, our allies in the region, especially Israel.”

Pence’s anti-Iran remarks came days after Trump met with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Washington, where he continued the regime's efforts to team up against Tehran. The Trump administration has been stepping up its anti-Iran rhetoric, referencing a “bad deal” with Tehran and accusing the Islamic Republic of supporting “terrorism", Press TV notes.