Pompeo accuses Iran of running secret nuclear-weapons program

Pompeo accuses Iran of running secret nuclear-weapons program

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said that documents obtained by Israel show that Tehran has been lying about its nuclear program.

"For many years, the Iranian regime has insisted to the world that its nuclear program was peaceful. The documents obtained by Israel from inside of Iran show beyond any doubt that the Iranian regime was not telling the truth," Pompeo said in a statement, posted of the State Department's official website.

Pompeo said he reviewed many of the files himself and officials have been analyzing them, which will continue for many months. "We assess that the documents we have reviewed are authentic," he added.

Pompeo said the documents show Iran had a secret nuclear weapons program for years. "Iran sought to develop nuclear weapons and missile delivery systems. Iran hid a vast atomic archive from the world and from the IAEA - until today," he stressed.

Pompeo said Iran’s nuclear deception is inconsistent with its pledge in the nuclear deal “that under no circumstances will Iran ever seek, develop, or acquire any nuclear weapons”.

"Iran has lied and is still lying," the secretary of state said. He added that now is the time to revisit the question of whether Iran can be trusted to enrich or control any nuclear material.


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