Putin-Pashinyan meeting ends without gas discount

Putin-Pashinyan meeting ends without gas discount

The key issue of the talks between Russian President Vladimir Putin and Armenia’s acting prime minister Nikol Pashinyan - the gas discount issue - wasn't decided, a the sides made no final decision.

"Our talks concerned the strategy of our further relations. I would like to stress that we have total understanding on the matter. This meeting was to sum up the results of our previous conversations. The talks were held in a very positive atmosphere," Pashinyan said in a live broadcast on his Facebook page.

"Armenia and Russia have special relations, which are of strategic nature," TASS cited Pashinyan as saying.

The Armenian PM said after his visit to Moscow that he hoped to eventually reach consensus with Moscow on the price of Russian gas.

"I would like to inform that no final decision has been made regarding the price for Russian gas. Nevertheless, I’m optimistic and I hope that we achieve the intended result, or, at least, avoid the negative scenario," Pashinyan said, adding that the issue of gas remains "very sensitive for bilateral relations."

In early 2016, Armenia asked Russia to reduce the gas price from $165 to $150 per 1,000 cubic meters. This year, Armenia purchased Russian gas at this price, but charged consumers nearly twice as much - $290 per 1,000 cubic meters.