Putin: SCO military capacity not aimed at confrontation

Putin: SCO military capacity not aimed at confrontation

The military capacity of the countries of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) is a tremendous force, which aims to ensure the necessary conditions for the comprehensive and multidimensional cooperation between the countries rather than to start a confrontation with someone, Russian President Vladimir Putin said in an interview with the China Media Group.

"We are certainly not to confront other countries, but to provide necessary conditions to guarantee comprehensive and multi-dimensional cooperation between the SCO countries and with non-SCO nations, no matter where these countries are and which continent they belong to," the Russian president noted.

"Uniting the strengths of these countries will undoubtedly contribute to our own development and influence the global situation as well. I believe that influence will be positive," Putin explained.

Putin added that the fact that such powerful states had joined their efforts would be an important factor to influence the world's situation.

"After India and Pakistan were admitted to the SCO, it became clear that comprehensive work should begin, begin in China, and also that the SCO has become a global organization," he added.

He recalled that the SCO member-states account for one-fourth of the world’s GDP, 43% of the international population and 23% of the global territory.