Putin comments on accusations of Russia’s support for doping

Putin comments on accusations of Russia’s support for doping

The accusations of Russia’s alleged support for doping in sports may be linked with the upcoming presidential elections in the country, Russian President Vladimir Putin said.

"This is what causes my concern: the Olympic Games are due to begin in February while we will hold presidential elections in March. There are very big suspicions that all this is being done to create an atmosphere necessary for someone where sports fans and athletes feel discontent over the fact that the state is allegedly involved in the breaches and it is responsible for that," TASS cited Putin as saying.

As the Russian president noted, today’s international sports organizations, including the International Olympic Committee, depend very much on a large number of components, first of all, on sponsors, and also on the acquirers of TV broadcasting rights and advertisers.

In Putin’s opinion, "this is a large stratum of relationships and dependencies." "And the controlling stake is in the United States because it is there where there are the basic companies that order and pay for television rights and where there are the basic sponsors and the basic advertisers," Putin said.

"In response to our alleged interference in their elections [in the United States], they want to create problems during the elections of the president of Russia," Putin concluded.


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