Putin dismisses officials-academics

Putin dismisses officials-academics

Russian President Vladimir Putin has dismissed a number of senior high-ranking officials of the federal security service FSB, presidential property management department, the Defense Ministry and the Interior Ministry, the Kremlin’s press-service said.

The president dismissed the chief of the registration and archive funds directorate of the federal security service FSB, Lieutenant-General Vasily Khristoforov from his post and military service for age reasons.

Deputy chief of the presidential property management directorate, head of the presidential property management directorate’s main medical department Konstantin Kotenko, the chief of the Russian Defense Ministry’s main military medical directorate Aleksandr Fisun and the Deputy Interior Minister, head of the Interior Ministry’s investigations department Aleksandr Savenkov were dismissed of their own accord, TASS reports.

At a meeting of the presidential council for science and education last week President Putin asked why several senior officials had been elected as RAS members in defiance of his objections. 

Putin said he was going to give such officials "a chance to dedicate themselves to science, as their research activity look far more important to them than their routine administrative duties at their posts in bodies of power and management."


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