Putin holds meeting with elected regional governors

Putin holds meeting with elected regional governors

President of Russia Vladimir Putin met with 19 top regional officials elected during regional elections on the single voting day of September 8, the Kremlin website reported.

"I see many familiar faces here. We have been working with some of you for a long time now; others are in this position for the first time. Do not slow the pace of your work; keep working in this high position with the same vigour as during the election campaign. You need to work hard in order to deliver on your promises to the citizens residing in the territories now entrusted to you," Putin noted.

The head of state stressed that  regional governors should have enough experience to effectively fulfil their duty. 

"Without showing sensitivity, I am emphasising sensitivity, towards people, you will not achieve success, so this is a critical component in the work of any high-ranking leader like you," the Russian leader stressed.