Putin praises government's performance in 2016

Putin praises government's performance in 2016

Russian President Vladimir Putin has given a positive assessment of the cabinet’s work in 2016.

"Despite all the difficulties, the government’s work has yielded an optimal effect," he said at a meeting of the cabinet of ministers.

In particular, the government was able to keep the balance between the economy and social sphere. "The most important thing made by the government in 2016 was to achieve an optimal balance between solving of tasks in the field of economy and social development," the Russian President admitted.

He noted the Russian inflation's lowest level in a quarter century. "In some areas, namely in macroeconomics, we have noticeable changes for the better: it is likely, and most likely that we will have the lowest inflation in 25 years. In 2011 was 6.1%. This year it will be less than six, so we can already say it confidently that it can be 5.8%," Putin expects.

"Well, we do have a certain decline, but as compared to which what we had last year it is day and night. There are all the grounds to say that we are going to embark on an upwards path. It is of major importance to ensure continued growth, year after year," TASS cited him as saying.

The head of the state urged "ensuring labor capacity growth and on this base to achieve the GDP growth, to take necessary steps for structural changes in the economy and by all means to do everything to ensure the implementation of the May decrees first of all in the social sector."

The chairman of the government Dmitry Medvedev, in response, has promised to do everything possible for that. "The priorities are the same. They are formed by the president and are based on the documents that are the base for the development of the country, including the President's decree of May 7, 2012. Despite the difficulties faced by our economy, we must try to ensure that everything possible that these orders were executed at that time established," he called.

Dmitry Medvedev also supported Vladimir Putin's order to engage in dialogue with other branches of government. "The government's challenge, as the highest executive power in the country, is to ensure the necessary coordination work with all regions, to ensure that the people of each region of our territory understand that their problems are in the focus of the executive power," the prime minister underlined. 


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