Putin stresses trust is vital in military affairs

Putin stresses trust is vital in military affairs

Russian President Vladimir Putin emphasized on Thursday the importance of trust between different countries in military affairs.

"As people in uniform you have a special attitude to weapons, to the army and to the whole military component of the state," the president said at a meeting with the leadership of the defense ministries from some countries invited to a gala meeting devoted to Fatherland Defender's Day, which Russia marks as a major national holiday on February 23, TASS reports.

"Like nobody else, you understand how careful must be the attitude to this, and how highly trust is valued in such a sensitive sphere as military affairs," the president added.

"Patriotism is in the national character of our people, and we know how heroic people become when the Fatherland is in danger. Saving the Fatherland, being ready to shield a combat friend, protect those who are dear to you - this is always stronger than any, even the gravest ordeals," Putin said.

He said the whole country marks Fatherland Defender’s Day with a feeling of sincere and deep respect for those who protect the country, ensuing peace for its nationals. "Military service to the glory of the Fatherland has always been reputed here. Russia has many times countered foreign threats, infringements on its independence," Putin said, stressing that "our soldiers, sailors and officers have courageously defended the country, winning not only due to their operating proficiency, strength of arms, but also due to moral courage and great love for the Fatherland".

He cited as an example the Battle of Stalingrad, which "in its entirety revealed the victorious unity of the army and the people".


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