Rosa Berikashvili: gymnastics tournaments in Baku are better than world championships

Rosa Berikashvili: gymnastics tournaments in Baku are better than world championships

In an interview with Vestnik Kavkaza, president of the Tbilisi Gymnastics Federation, Roza Berikashvili, praised the level of development of all types of gymnastics in Azerbaijan as well as conditions created for this sport by the state. Georgian delegation participates in the Azerbaijani and Baku Trampoline Championship, which began today.

"I welcome Azerbaijan and all of our friends living in the capital of Azerbaijan, Baku. Baku is a beautiful city. I've seen many cities around the world, but I really like modern Baku, this is a special place," she noted.

"As for competitions, Azerbaijan has an excellent platform, which is even better than big competitions, including world championships. Everything is great. I also see that many children are training in gymnastics, and I'm glad I was able to bring our junior trampoline gymnasticts team here. Young athletes of Azerbaijan are very lucky, since, as you know, no talent develops without work, and Azerbaijan has really good coaches," she stressed.

She noted how important it is for gymnasts to be able to perform in such advanced conditions like those created in Baku: "When the 1st European Games were held in Baku, Salome Pazhava represented our country. She performed very well, she took the third place in ribbon exercises. Competitions like this give an important experience to children, and it's wonderful that Baku hosts so many gymnastic tournaments."

"I wish Azerbaijani gymnasts all the best, I hope they will reach the highest level, will become champions and will be happy with their successes. I love Azerbaijan and Azerbaijani people very much, they are very warm and hospitable people, and I want to thank them for everything," she concluded.