Rouhani: Trump turns Iranophobia into Trumpophobia

Rouhani: Trump turns Iranophobia into Trumpophobia

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani believes that US President Donald Trump turned 'Iranophobia' into 'Trumpophobia.'

"Today, Iranophobia, which they have been spreading to convince the world through false propaganda that Iran is threat, has given its place to Trumpophobia," Rouhani said, speaking at a government meeting.

"This is because all know that Iran is a country, which treads down the path of peace and acts in line with international regulations," he explained, noting that "today, the US should come under pressure as a country going against its promises and acting in contravention of regulations."

He said that it is the United States, rather than Iran, that needs to be accused of wrongdoing.

Rouhani stressed that the entire world, including the United Nations nuclear watchdog, has verified Iran’s commitment to its obligations under the deal, while all are insisting that Washington has acted unwisely and in violation of international rules.

Iran's president stressed that some assume that pressure, sanctions and military threats can force the Iranian nation to surrender. "But the nation’s steadfastness and resistance have proven this attitude and course of action to be wrong," PressTV cited the president as saying.


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