Russia reports regular attacks from Idlib to Khmeimim

Russia reports regular attacks from Idlib to Khmeimim

Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Vershinin said that since January 9, terrorist groups 8 times attacked the Russian Khmeimim airbase using drones from the Syrian province of Idlib.

“According to our data, since January 9, there have been 8 UAV attacks on Khmeimim, where our air base and our people are located. Their safety is our highest priority,” he said, adding that at that time the militants were 10-15 km away from Aleppo.

Vershinin specified that firing was carried out from multiple launch rocket systems at residential areas of the city.

The diplomat also emphasized that the government troops took action to prevent an attack on Aleppo and other cities where the civilian population is located.

“We support them. We cannot but support them, because we are talking about the actions of the legitimate Syrian government against terrorists on its sovereign territory,” RBC quotes Vershinin as saying.


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